I am a Bend, Oregon Web Agency & Designer who
media strategies into your
marketing plan which includes
an effective, custom website using the latest
seo and internet technologies resulting in
a happy user experience.

I am a Bend, Oregon Web Designer who
media strategies into your

marketing plan which includes
an effective, custom website using the latest
seo and internet technologies resulting in
a happy user experience.


What I can create for you

Custom Websites | Online & Media Strategy

Stand Out

As a long-time Bend, Oregon web designer, builder and developer, I understand the changing use of the internet and how it works with today’s hand held devices, smart phones and more. Is your website configured to work at its optimum – so visitors can easily find you, interact with your site, and connect with you? I am ready to sit down and discuss ways to optimize everything about your website.

Get Seen

I know you know the importance of branding for your business, but do you know how to get there? Branding is not strictly about using your logo everywhere, but also details of all things that represent your company. I work with really great graphic designers for website design, logos, print ads, photo elements and anything you need from the design world to help your branding stick.

Be found

SEO, SEO, SEO! What does it mean, and how do I get it? SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Simply: your website needs to be built, coded and worded in a way that is optimal for search engines to find you. THAT is how your customers find you. Whether you sell widgets, services or your skills, you want to be the one that pops up when people are looking for what you’re selling.

Teamwork Rules

I could not possibly do all of things needed to make your website the BEST it could ever, possibly be. So I’ve dedicated my efforts & focus to building websites. And I have gathered the team that I consider to be the best at what they do: design, SEO, copywriting, security, Social Media. We can come as a package deal, or if you just need one of our services, we are happy to help!

My work

Take a look at my portfolio to see how I can help your business stand out online

Elise Michaels Media builds websites for clients from all over – Oregon to Colorado to Pennsylvania – even Cabo, San Lucas!

Here is a pretty good cross section of the custom websites I’ve built most recently.

Click any image to easily scroll through the full gallery.

About me & Why I do it

Marketing experience

For 25+ years, I was immersed in marketing through my work in radio & television, whether it was copywriting, co-hosting a number one radio morning show, MCing a fundraising event, or doing behind the scenes tasks of updating the company’s websites. I bring all of those internet marketing, online & media strategy, web building skills to my work with you and your company.

Getting out my ya-yas

I am a creative type. I lean a little differently. I like to do things many don’t (like build websites and read website-building books); I like to do things many do (I play guitar & sing in a band); and I appreciate design, like logos and print ads and websites. That’s why I take a few more liberties with my own website, to show that I can step outside that box when the mood strikes this creative.

I truly like building websites

It’s not hard for me to do what I love. I am not talking about writing code, the frustration when a function doesn’t work, the extra time I spend in getting the image just right… it’s this: I love creating websites my clients are proud of, which, in turn, makes me beam. I have made some darn good friends this way, too. Become my client and we may be best buds before you know it.

Client testimonials

I am proud of the strong relationships I’ve established with my web design clients

I like that my clients trust me to be there for them, and that I will do what I say. When it comes to building websites, they have said everything from “Elise listens to all of our ideas” to “She is my go-to web designer” to “Elise exceeded our expectations” to “she welcomed my input.”

 Read the reviews from some of my clients here.

Get in touch with me

I would love the opportunity to talk with you

…about your website & Social Media strategy, what you are looking to do, how I help get you there, and when we can get started.

Feel free to contact me via this form. I also welcome your call: 541.four-eight-zero-five-eight-one-three.

I look forward to talking with you!


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